If you want to buy an old car, then you are in the right place, yes, you will get the luxury car here at a very low price and if you are from Delhi, then you are provided a loan from Delhi too. If your profile is good outside, then you can get a car by getting your personal loan done, and after getting everything done by NOC, you get a car from other wise you are not given a car and the very best thing is here that you Low budget cars to luxury cars are available there.

Which is at a very low price, when you seat at the Paschim Vihar branch, you will get 50 cars available at one time here whenever you visit and here you will find Vijay Bhaiya who gives you all the information about the vehicles here. But you will get to see BMW Mercedes Audi Swift Wagon R sports car Scorpio every kind of vehicle but most of the deals here are only in luxury cars and an offer here also goes if you are getting a luxury car. And after running for 1 year, your mind is full, then you can return that car and take it to another car instead, whatever money you are down or down will be taken at the same time because they have their own car, so without thinking it Understand that you will take that car back from you. Rest if you want to know their full address and contact details, then at the bottom of this block you will see that you have been given complete details, contact numbers have been given there, you can call there and I will say before making any deal.

You visit there, use your intelligence, use your size, and if you can do a deal only after talking, then you can take your engineer with you, so that you will get the knowledge of the whole car, what is that car and how is it and in what condition? If you can not come out somewhere and you like the car, then do the whole deal only by making a video call
If someone else has got your number and frauds with you, then if you like the block to stay away from these things, then you can subscribe by going to our channel YouTube best and you can see similar things there If you can find this blog then thank you for reading the blog Jai Hind.


Contact no :- 8510830242 8595844904

Address :- Gourmet Hub, Block BG2, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi

used car audi a4, verna, i10, fortuner, swift | second hand car market| used car market delhi

Second hand car market in Rohini, Delhi

Hello everyone !!

Today my post is about cars. I shared car information in my previous post also but in this post I will share about some other variety of cars from regular to luxury car.

I will be talking about used cars like- Verna, i10, Fortuner, Swift, Eco and Audi. 

Puri Motors & Co shop in Rohini Delhi deals in second hand used cars at a reasonable price. The price of cars here is negotiable depending upon your deal. The shop sells only certified cars ie, fully secured and non- accidental. They have also received a certified certificate of the car and all cars here are secured. all cars here are 90% original which means only minor damage like bumper paint etc otherwise all parts are new and fresh and no major damage.

Loan also provided all over India (govt servant only) and all kinds of payment is accepted- Cash, NIFT, digital payment etc.

Let’s look at it in detail-:

Car details

  •  Ertiga- 2016 model, single owner (fully insured), 44,000km used, untouched, at 7.50 lac/-
  • i10 2012 model– sports version (white color), petrol car, 45,000km used, 90% original (minor bumper paint), at 2.35 lac /-
  • Swift dezire– fully insured, 50,000km used, single owner at 3.85 lac/-
  • KUV– 2016 model diesel version,  first owner, fully insured, untouched, 51,000km used, well-maintained, at 3.85 lac/-
  • Verna 2012 model- fully insured, diesel version, non-accidental, 41,000km used, single owner at 4.25 lac /-
  • Audi a4- 2013 model- luxury car,premium model, 77,000km used,well- maintained, at 12.5 lac/-
  • Fortuner 2011 model– single owner, fully insured, 75,000km used, well- maintained, new seat cover, new back camera, at 11 lac /-
  • Eco– 2013 model, Ac car, 44,000 km used, single owner, 90% original, at 2.60 lac/-

So now you can buy your dream car from this shop at negotiable price. If you are looking to buy luxury car then Audi is a best option you can opt for, because of it’s price and well-maintained quality plus brand identity.

Want to know more about the car in detail? then click on the video given below for better information.





You can visit here-

Shop address- Puri motors & Co.

A-2/137, Sector-3, Rohini,

New delhi-110085

Contact no- 9868226814, 011-27517814

Near metro station– Rohini West


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35 हज़ार में लोन पर कार | second hand cars 90 हज़ार में | car market in delhi |sab sikhe jane cars

Second hand car market in Delhi


Looking to buy a car? then this place will definitely fulfill your choice of buying a new car.

Everybody loves to own a personal car someday and this shop opens up a new way of buying a second hand car at low price.

I went to this shop- Karim Motors in Rohini Delhi. The shop deals in second hand cars at low price. The shop have variety of cars available from Maruti suzuki model to I20, Creta etc. You will find here cars at low budget.

The shop owner- Abdul Karim. You can buy car starting at 90,000 till 15-20 lac which is a great deal to own a car.

Cars are available on loan at 35,0000 rupees. They also provide loan to Delhi and NCR region. Loans are also provided in all over India but person should be government servant. Cars prices are negotiable.

Let’s have a look in detail



  • K10 Alto (Maruti Suzuki) (2016 model)- Tyre good condition, Neat- clean, Auto gear car, First owner, automatic, 55,0000 km used, at 3 lac 75,000 rupees (negotiable)
  •   Santro 2006 model– First owner, fully secured, 65,000 km used, at 90,000 rupees (negotiable)
  • Ertiga 2017 model– 7 seater, 35km used, First owner, at 8.5 lac
  • Creta 2016  Top model– First owner, 36000 km used, Push button start, at 10 lac 25,000
  • Swift 2016 model-First owner Non-accidental, 65,000km used, bumper paint, at 4 lac
  • Ritz 2011 model– diesel version, second owner, bumper paint,75000 km used, at 2.5 lac (negotiable)
  • I20 2011 model, diesel version,sports model,second owner,bumper paint, 70,000km used, at 2 lac 65,000
  • I10 2011 model, first owner,65,000km used, at 2.25lac


To know more about the car and its shop click the link below





You can visit the shop at

Shop address

Karim Motors E-20/219, Sector-3, Rohini


Contact– 7982065552/8448061601

Call timing -11am to 7pm

Near metro station -Rohini west

old bike market in delhi- R15, KTM, PULSUR, FZ with loan facility- karol bagh Naiwala bike market

Hello guys!!


Looking to buy your personal bike? but don’t have enough money? then this place will definitely fulfill your dream to buy your own stylish bike. Everybody loves to ride on a bike but all can’t buy because of it’s high price.

Today my post is about old bikes market in Delhi in Karol bagh market which sells second hand bikes.   Here you can buy all kinds of bike at a negotiable price.

The shop name- Maitri Motors also provides loan facility to the customers while buying bike. Finance can be done on 50% down payment.

Here all type of bikes are available from basic, common bikes to sports luxury bike.


Let’s look at in detail-

  • R15– 2014 Model- No damage, 16,000 km running, engine working, Price- 55,000/-
  • R15– 1 week old (300 km used) almost new condition, 1 lac 40,000/-
  • R15– 2017 Model, 85,000/- 18,000 km used
  • Avenger– 2018 Model- 85,000 km used,  at 55,000/- (negotiable)
  • Pulsar 200 RS– 2016 Model, 80,000/-
  • Fz 250– 2018 Model- 12,000 km used
  • KTM– 200 km used- 2016-2018 model ( price not confirmed)


Now buy good and stylish bikes at low price and enjoy. You can also call and ask about the price of the bikes, availability etc. For better experience and knowledge visit the shop and know about the bike in detail and purchase accordingly.Price of the bikes will be negotiable.

So what are you waiting for? visit the shop soon and make the deal.



For more information click the link below and watch video





Shop address


NEW DELHI – 110005

Contact No– KARAN BHAI – 9811166883, 9654044524, 8130837013



old car market in Rohini | 80% loan available car| Innova, swift, Verna, Jazz, i10, Ertiga 2019

Old car market in Delhi- Buy Old car at low price

Hello Guys!! How are you

Hope you doing well.


Looking to buy a Car? Love to ride a car? Then this post is definitely for you.

Today I’m going to tell you about Old car market in Rohini, Delhi. The shop name Puri Motors & Co deals in Old cars which is fully insured and certified by the company.

Here you can buy your favorite brand car- Innova, Maruti Swift, Verna,Jazz, I 10, Ertiga and many more.

the shop owner Mr. Sandeep Puri talks about the requirement of the car.

  • Non- accidental car- All cars are secured
  • Certified car- fully insured
  • Loan provided to the customers according to the bank


Let’s talk about the car in detail

  • Verna SX – 2011 model, petrol based car at 4 lac 25,000 (negotiable)
  • Maruti Rits– 2012 model- diesel based car, 2nd Owner, at 2 lac 65,000
  • Honda i10– White color, 2012 model, sports look upper version, 2nd Owner at 2 lac 40,000
  • Honda Jazz– Well conditioned, 2010 model, used 50,000 km/hr, single owner at 2 lac 65,000
  • i10– 2009 model, single owner, pure petrol based at  1 lac 70,000
  • Honda Amaze– Blue color, 2013 model, diesel based, GPS system, Back sensor camera,Touchscreen, 2nd owner at 3 lac 50,000
  • Maruti Swift -Grey color, 2012 model, used 51,000 km/hr, single owner, fully insured at 3 lac 15,000
  • Mahindra KUV– 2016 model, single owner, used 52,000 km/hr, bumper to bumper untouched at 4 lac.
  • 7 seater Innova– 2016 model, single owner,fully insured, used 40,000 km/hr at 12 lac 70,000


To know more about it, click on the link


Shop address Puri motors & Co. A-2/137, Sector-3, Rohini

New delhi-110085

Contact no. 9868226814, 011-27517814

Near metro station- Rohini west

Call timings- 11:00 am- 8:00 pm

Balaji Motors | second hand car | karolbagh car market in delhi |sab sikhe jane

Balaji Motors- Second hand car

Hello everyone!!

So today I have something interesting post for you. Guess what?

It;s about cars!!!!

Today I will talk about second hand cars from where you can buy. This post is dedicated to cars lovers.

I have chosen car blogging today because I have made this before also and the response I got was very overwhelming and this is my second blog on cars.

I got very nice response and it has been viewed with 9 lac people already.

So today I’m here in this shop- Balaji Motors in Karol Bagh, New delhi

This shop deals in second-hand cars. Here you will find all variety of cars from small to big luxury cars. The good thing about this shop is here you will not find any accidental or again painted cars. They also provide benefit to the Delhi and Delhi NCR people with the loan facility in buying second hand cars. For instance, if you will buy a car from here then 80% of the car value loan will be given to you and you should have required documents for the same.

I will talk about 5-6 second hand cars   and will explain in details.

To know more about the cars and it’s features I have provided a link below.

Go and check my video.

Here is the list of some cars-


  • Swift desire model 2013
  • Color- silver
  • Owner 1st ,running 53000
  • Full insurance
  •  Asking price- 3 lac


  • Polo Volkswagen TDI
  •  Model 2011
  •  Color red
  •  Owner first , running 52000, full insurance
  •   Asking price- 2 lac 65 thousand (negotiable)


  • Toyota etios liva
  •  Model 2013
  •  Color silver
  •  Owner first running 69000
  •  Full insurance,  Asking price 3 lac 40 thousand (negotiable)


  • Vox Wagon vento
  • Model 2012 top model
  •  Color silver
  • Running 53000
  •  Full insurance

Asking price 3 lac 50 thousand (negotiable)

  • Fortuner
  •  Model 2012
  •  First owner,  running 71000
  •  Full insurance
  •   4 tyres brand new ,  Asking price 13 lac 25 thousand (negotiable )


  • Mahindra XUV 500
  •  Model w8 2012,
  •  Single owner 53ooo running,
  •  Full insurance
  •   All tyrs new,  Asking price  6 lac 50 thousand (negotiable)


  • Maruti ritz VDI
  •  Model 2013 ,
  • Single owner, 57000 running full insurance, all tyres new
  • Asking price 3 lac , 25 thousand (negotiable)

For more information watch video-


Shop Address 

Balaji Moters
763,joshi road,karol bagh,delhi-05

Contact:- 9868289601

near metro station- jhande wala