Used Iphoneonly 1000 | Oppo Vivo Mi Realme Honor Huwai Samsung very cheap price | JJ Communication

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Today my post is going to be a great fun, in today you are looking at the old phone, at the expense of a lot of work, you will find all kinds of phones like IPHONE, Oppo, Weibo Mi Samsung etc. In today’s shop you are going to find that you will see many varieties, this shop namei is, JJ Communications, you will get it’s full address below. So now let’s discuss about more  in detail more.




  • IPHONE 4 WITH 8GB ROM & 1GB RAM PRICE = 1000rupees
  • IPHONE 5C WITH 16GB ROM & 1GB RAM PRICE = 2000rupees
  • SAMSUNG S10+ ONLY 20 DAYS OLD PRICE = 54OOO rupees
  • SAMSUNG A7 ONLY 15 DAYS OLD PRICE = 22500 rupees
  • VIVO X21 WITH 6GB RAM AND 128 ROM 8 MONTH OLD PRICE =16000 rupees
  • REALME1 WITH 4GB RAM 64 GB PRICE 7500 rupees
  • OPPO F11 PRO ONE MONTH OLD PRICE 19000 rupees
  • XS MAX BRAND NEW 64GB PRICE 90000 rupees
  • IPHONE XS 5 MONTH OLD PRICE 68000 rupees
  • IPHONE 7PLUS 32 GB PRICE = 28000 rupees
  • GOOGLE PIXEL 2 64ROM NAD 4 RAM PRICE 14000 rupees

IF you want to know more about the smartphone in detail then,  WATCH FULL VIDEO given below.




Shop address

Owner Name – Manish Jain (Jay)
Contact No: +91- 9650901889
Call Time: 12:30 to 08:30
Address: JJ Communication
Shop no – G-59 Aggarwal City Plaza, Rohini Sec-3, M2K Near BTW Delhi

Near metro station Rohini east

Mobile phone only at 190rs | Cheapest mobile market wholesale/retail | Gaffar market mobile

Hello friends All of you are welcome again In a new post today

I will show you the categories of Mobiles in the Gaffar Market near Karol bagh. Within which the starting range will be only 190 rupees. Here you will find variety of mobile phones that are available from Keypad to 4G Android Mobile, but here I am going to show you the mobile of Lorraine with a budget range mobile which will be mostly Chinese models, the 190 is a basic mobile in which you will get a single SIM and keypad, as you increase the range, you will get more functions with sim and double sim, triple sim.

They also have 4G mobile starting here only in 2000 rupees, in which you can put 4G jio sim and you will get a lot of variety here but I’m going to tell you some mobile range in my blog. So you can see my video on my  YouTube channel and by visiting the link given below you can see the video.

The name of this shop is addressed to you in the post below . This shop will be found in the name of Rajendra Communication in China Mall inside the Karol Bagh Gaffar Market. If you buy goods from here, then you do not have any minimum requirements. You can order a single piece from here too. It is not that you have to order at least 20 pieces. But whatever courier charge you have, you have to give it whether you order a piece or 500 pieces. Here smart watch are also available.

Product with price (limited)

Rs.190 = single sim keypad black & white with body color variant

Rs.350 = dual sim multimedia  (memory card option )mobile camera audio video player with color variant

Rs. 550= dual sim big display with 1800mha battery fully multimedia phone

Rs.650=  look like nokia set dual sim multimedia in 4 different color

Rs.680 = smallest mobile 3 inch mobile look like bluetooth (with 1 year warranty )

Rs.720= spinner mobile dual sim multimedia in different  color ( with 1 year warranty )

now price 4g mobile with touch screen( full information in video )

Rs.2250 = with 1gb ram and  8 gb rom with 1 year warranty and5 inch screen

Rs. 2800 = 2gb ram 16 gb rom with warranty 5 inch display camera 8mp/5mp

Rs3200= 3gbram 16rom .display 5.5 inch 400mha battery.

Rs 3500= 3gb ram 16 rom with finger print and warranty


To know more in detail please watch full video till end.









Smartphone at 950rs-second hand mobile phone-i-phone x, samsung s9+,oppo,vivo all brand

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Looking to buy a new phone? But can’t due to shortage of money?

This place will definitely fulfill your choice of buying a smartphone. Now you can buy your favorite smartphone at a cheap price.

Lucky Mobile Gallery shop deals in second hand old mobile phones at a wholesale price.All kinds of smartphones are available at affordable price like- Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, I-phone x, Mi etc.

The shop also deal in courier facility for the delivery of the second hand mobile phones in bulk. But courier charges to be paid by the customer itself.  payment is done in advance.

If you want to buy single piece then you must visit the shop because for home delivery you need to buy minimum 10 pieces of mobile phones. They provide delivery all over India.

Mobile accessories are not available. But original bill and box is available with all mobile phones.

Want to know more about it?





Let’s look at it in detail- Mobile phone specifications

  •  Vivo V11 (Pro)– 3 months old, 6gb ram, 64gb, at 14,200/- (with bill and box)
  • I-phone 6S- 64gb- Rose & gold color, at 14,000/-
  • Samsung S9– 6 months warranty, 64gb at 27,000/- (Purple color)/ Black color- out of warranty at 24,000/-
  • Samsung S9– Blue- 64 gb- at 31,000/- / Black color- 256 gb- 37,000/- (5 to 6 month warranty)
  • Lenovo K4 Note– 3gb ram, fingerprint sensor at 32,000/-
  • Moto E2 (dual camera)- 3G, tester warranty at 12,000/-
  • Samsung J7– 4G at 4000/-
  • Asus- 2gb-16gb at 2800/-
  • Redmi 4 – 3gb – 32gb at 4000/-
  • Mi Note 4– at 5000/-
  • Mi 5– 3700/-
  • Mi Note 5– 6300/-
  • Samsung A7– 4500/-
  • Moto G4 plus– 3gb-32gb at 3300/-
  • Moto M– 4gb ram-64gb at 4800/-
  • Moto E– 3G  at 950/-
  • Mi Note 3– 3gb-32gb at 4000/-
  • Lenovo A6000– 4gb at 1900/-
  • I-phone 7 plus– 128 gb at 27,000 /-
  • I-phone 6S plus– original handfree with box
  • Mi Max2– 4gb-64gb at 6200/-


For more information click the link and watch full video





To Visit shop 

Shop Address– Lucky Mobile Gallery

Double market gali No-5

Old Mustafabad

Delhi- 110094

Contact No– 8010220551

Nearest Metro station– Gokulpuri (Pink line)

S9+ Samsung mobile series only 3000 start/second hand mobile phone/ cheap price smartphone nsp

Samsung mobile series- Second hand mobile phone at cheap price


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How are you all hope you doing well.

Today I have brought a new post on mobile phones. My previous post was about Iphone series smartphones but today I will talk about another smartphone brand and that is- Samsung

In my post I will talk about second hand Samsung mobile phones from where you can buy.

The shop JJ Communication resided in Rohini,Delhi deals in second-hand smartphones in a proper condition. The Samsung smartphone starts here at just 3000 rupees. Here you will find mobile phones at a very cheap price with 15 days testing warranty.

Let’s know it in a detail – Samsung J series 

  • Samsung Galaxy J2  (4g) 2gb & 8gb –
  • Samsung Galaxy J5,  8gb-
  • Samsung Galaxy J2  2018 model, 16
  • Samsung Galaxy J7  2gb-16gb-
  • Samsung Galaxy J4-2gb & 16gb- 5500 rupees
  • Samsung Galaxy ON7– 8gb  4500 rupees
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 prime- fingerprint scanner, 3gb-16gb  7000 rupees
  • Samsung Galaxy J6 Infinity– 3gb-32gb fingerprint scanner+face lock  7500 rupees
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro- 3gb-64gb at 6500 rupees with fingerprint scanner
  • Samsung Galaxy  J6+ dual camera+ face recognition, 4gb-64gb 9500 rupees
  • Samsung Galaxy A6+ Infinity- 4gb-64gb, camera 24 megapixel, 11000 rupee
  • Samsung Galaxy J8–  4gb-64gb, dual camera  10,000 rupees
  • Samsung Galaxy A8+  6gb-64gb, 12,000 rupees
  • Samsung J7 Max 4gb-32gb 5-5500 rupees

This is all Samsung J series mobile phones

  • Samsung A7– triple camera, 14,500
  • Samsung galaxy A9 upgraded model- 4 camera, 8gb-128gb 22000
  • Samsung galaxy S7 edge– 4gb-32gb water resistant 13,500 rupees
  • Samsung galaxy S8– 22000 rupees
  • Samsung galaxy S8 plus– 6gb -128gb 23,000 rupees
  • Samsung galaxy S9– 26000 rupees (out of warranty) coral blue color
  • Samsung S9 (upgraded version)– 256 gb 30,000 rupees
  • Samsung S9+ – 64gb , 128gb and 256 gb 32,000 rupees

Samsung Note Series 

  • Samsung galaxy Note 8
  • Samsung galaxy Note 9– 48,000 rupees (15 days old)
  • Samsung galaxy Note 9– 45,000 rupees (25 days old)
  • Samsung galaxy Note 9– 43,000 rupees (2 months old)
  • Samsung M 20 – 8000 rupees, 3gb-32gb


For more detailed information click and watch video






Shop no. G-39 AGGARWAL CYBER PLAZA-I , netaji subhash place , pitampura delhi


CONTACT- 8595416439

Call timing- 1pm to 7pm

Near metro station- nsp



Wholesale mobile market of mobile accessories karol bagh gaffar market/mobile accessories

Wholesale mobile accessories market- Gaffar market, Karol bagh Delhi

Hello Guys!!

This post is about Wholesale mobile accessories in Gaffar market, Delhi. In my previous post I wrote about mobile back covers and in this post I will talk about phone accessories.

The shop deals in wholesale price of the phone accessories in cheap prices. Do not contact for single piece item.

Let’s talk about each item in a detail-

  • Wireless car charger 
  • Mobile glass (impossible protection)- for mobile glass protection- 22 rupees per piece (minimum 100 quantity)
  • Airpod case– rubber look -60 rupees depends upon a quantity
  • Mobile cover -starting at 8 rupees to 100-125 rupees
  • Camera lens protector
  • Camera rings
  • I-phone apple watch straps 
  • Magnet case   


To know more about the items in detail click on the link below





Visit here

Shop address- shop no.6,7,8 Hongkong Plaza, Karol bagh opposite Gaffar market,

New delhi-110005

Contact 011-25805858 , 011-25805818

Call timing 11am to 7 pm

Nearest metro station -Karol Bagh


Wholesale mobile back cover cheap price in Delhi/gaffar market karol bagh mobile accessories

Wholesale mobile back cover shop in delhi

Hello everyone, How are you? Hope you doing well


Today my post is about Mobile accessory- Mobile back cover at cheap prices.

The shop resides in the famous Gaffar market, near Karol bagh in Delhi. It is the Asia’s largest well- known wholesale market.

To know more about the mobile accessories I went to the shop name- Hongkong Plaza, Karol Bagh in Delhi

This shop deals in wholesale price mobile accessories and the items here are at cheap prices. But you need to but at least 100-150 pieces and that can be negotiable too. Do not contact for single piece item.

While talking to the shop worker Neeraj Mishra who explained about all latest design mobile covers starting from just 16 rupees. The shop has all latest brand mobile phone covers available be it- Oppo, Vivo, Mi, Samsung etc.

They also have back covers in different material like-

  • Stone work also known as stone kitty at 40 rupees per piece
  • leather stitch cover at just 16 rupees (100 plus model available)
  • paper back (hard look) at 15 rupees
  • mirror flip cover  at 150 rupees

Mobile accessories

  • XO handfree- supported in all mobile phone with 3.5 mm jack, 85 rupees- Black and White color

You will also find all kinds of mobile accessories like-

  • Camera ring
  • Charging jack protector
  • Glass protector
  • earphone protector etc


To know more about the item in detail click on the link below






You can visit here-

Shop address– shop no.6,7,8 Hongkong Plaza, Karol Bagh opposite Gaffar market,                                                       New delhi-110005

Contact– 011-25805858 , 011-25805818

Call timing– 11 am to 7 pm ,nearest metro station- Karol Bagh


Iphone starting at just 6000 all variant available iphone x, iphone xs, iphone 8-second hand mobile market

Iphone at 6000-Second hand mobile market



Hello everyone!! How are you all ? Hope you all doing great!

Today I will talk about Apple brand mobile phones. We know that everybody loves Iphone mobiles and wish to own some day. I too love apple branded phones because of it’s camera and display quality.






Let’s start now!

I went to the shop name JJ Communication and it’s owner Manish Jain who runs this shop in Rohini.

The shop deals in all brand second hand mobile phones but this post is dedicated to only Iphone series. From basic Iphone 5s to the latest model. The minimum price range starts from 6000 rupees along with 15 days testing warranty given by the shop itself. That means if you buy from this shop it gives money back facility too.

Let’s start from the lower brand first.

  • Iphone 5s- 6000 rupees, 16 gb
  • Iphone    – 7000 rupees, 16 gb ( 32 gb also available at 9500)
  • Iphone 6- 128 gb variant at 14000 rupees ( 16 gb & 32 gb also available)
  • Iphone 7- 32 gb at 18000 rupees
  • Iphone 7- 128 gb at 24,000 rupees (upgraded version)
  • Iphone 8- 64gb at 37,000 rupees
  • Iphone 8 plus- 64gb at 38000 rupees
  • Iphone X-  64gb at  48000 rupees
  • Iphone Xs- 64gb at 75,000 rupees
  • Iphone Xs- 256 gb at 85000 rupees (silver color)
  • Iphone Xr- 64gb at 55000 rupees- silver color (latest model)
  • Iphone Xr- 64gb at 55000 rupees – black color
  • Iphone Xs Max- 256 gb, 90,000
  • Iphone Xs Max- silver color-  93,000
  • Iphone Xs  Max 64 gb grey color- 80,000  (3 months old)


Prices are fixed but little bit negotiations can be done if there is some doubt in condition of a phone. Otherwise all prices are best. Phones are 2-3 months old and condition is good.

So if you are planning to buy second hand mobile phones then this shop will provide you with the best price and quality.


Video version of second hand mobile phone- Iphone series





Shop no. G-59 Aggarwal City Plaza Rohini Sec-3, M2K near BTW

CONTACT- 9650901889

Call timing- 1 pm to 7 pm, Near metro station- Rohini west

Laptop starting in just 2000rs-Cheap Laptop Market 2019-Delhi laptop Nirman Vihar/Laxmi Nagar

Cheap Laptop Market- Nirman Vihar, Delhi

Hello everyone!! How are you? Hope you doing well!!

Today I bring to you my next market blog on Laptops.

I went to Laptop market shop name-2nd Computer No-14 in Nirman Vihar, Delhi deals in all variety laptop on very cheap price.The shop sells second-hand laptops. If you are looking to buy laptop in a reasonable price then this shop is a must visit.

Let’s start to know more about it in detail!

The laptop shop market deals in all variety brands- Hp, Lenovo, Dell, Asus, Acer, Samsung and so on and also provide refurnished laptops.  The price range of laptop starts from 6000/- and shop assures 1 month warranty of laptops. If someone is from outside Delhi they will get laptop delivered through courier and payment can be done online.

Here are some Laptops-

  • Lenovo– 2 gb Ram, 160 hard disc- 6000/- rupees
  • Acer– 2 gb Ram, 320 gb hard disc, 6500/- rupees
  • Lenovo– 2 gb ram, 320 gb hard disc, 7500/- rupees
  • I3 Acer– 4 gb ram, 320 gb hard disc, 9000/- rupees
  • Hp Compaq (I3)- 4 gb ram, 500 gb hard disc, 11000/- rupees- second generation
  • Dell I3–  4 gb ram, 500 gb hard disc, 10,500/- rupees
  • Asus I3– 4 gb ram, 500 gb hard disc, 11000/- rupees
  • Dell I3 – 13.6 screen size, 4gb ram, 320 gb hard disc, 10,500/- rupees
  • Lenovo (idea pad) I5- 4 gb ram, 320 gb hard disc, 11000/- rupees
  • Toshiba I5– 4 gb ram, 500 gb hard disc  – 3rd generation, 12,500/- rupees
  • Acer I5– 4gb ram, 500 gb hard disc- 4th  generation 15,500/- rupees
  • Asus I5– 4gb ram, 500 gb hard disc- 4th generation 15,500/- rupees
  • Toshiba I5–  8 gb ram, 256 gb SSD, 5th generation  21,000/- rupees – Ultra slim
  • Acer I3–  8 gb ram, 500 gb hard disc,  5th generation, 15,500/-
  • Sony- I5 -4 gb ram, 4 gb graphic, 1 tb hard disc, 3rd generation, 14,500/-

The shop also provide facility of buy back ie, laptop exchange on best prices.


  Video version of Laptop market



SHOP ADDRESS-  2nd Computer shop no.14, Aggarwal chamber-4 Veer savarkar block, Shakarpur


Contact:- 9319352169, 9319352168

Near metro station- Nirman Vihar (blue line)

wholesale mobile accessories market | mobile accessories wholesale market in delhi

Mobile accessories wholesale market

Hello friends today I will tell you about a  shop where you will get access to all the mobile accessories at a very low price.

The special thing about this shop is that you will get Made in China along with ”Made in India” which is their own brand. The name of that brand is Signature.

The lowest price of the goods you can get is 50 paisa. But you have to get at least 3 thousand  amount items of goods from here. This shop is situated in  Ghaffar Market, Delhi.

different types accessories available here

card reader, otg cable , handfree , blutooth ear phone, head phone, data cable, ox cable, charger, blutooth speakers ,mobile back cover

led bulb and light , tripod , mobile stand etc.

You can see my video and know more about the shop.



shop address

guru accessories

shop no.6, china mall , hardhyan singh road
karol bagh,  (opp. gaffar market) new delhi_ 110005

contact no. 9560183213 , 9810247780
call timing 11am to 8 pm

monday close

near metro station- Karol bagh