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If you want to take laptop and your budget is less then you are the right place here you get old laptop at cheap price

which can fulfill your dream of running a laptop or you have any requirement, it can be fulfilled like office Work,

gaming work or study, you can do it comfortably, today I am going to tell you so many laptops here, Samsung

, Lenovo, Sony, even Apple Macbook, everything here you can order from all over India sitting at home.Here you get

laptops up to â‚ą 6000 and maximum 40 50,000 when the price is minimum, inside this you will find refurbished

laptops, used laptops and modified laptops, if you want, you can also order a single laptop from here at home, whose

payment you laptop home But after ordering, you can give it means that you can also order cash on delivery from

here and if you want, you can also get prepaid delivery order, your courier charge is not charged by getting prepaid

delivery.Whereas in cash on delivery, your courier charge seems like this and delivery is also a bit loose. Now let’s

talk about what to do if there is any problem on taking an old laptop, because everyone has this doubt that if we take

an old laptop, then if there is any defect in it, then our money will not be wasted, then let us tell you If you buy any

laptop from here, then you get at least 1 month warranty.

By which you can check well if there is any problem or problem in your laptop then you can get that laptop replaced

now let me tell you if you want to come here then it is at walking distance near Preet Vihar metro station inside Delhi

It has to work here on Sunday and if you want to take I 7 any laptop then you will get it here.Calling has also been

given so that you will be able to know what type of laptops are here and what is their condition and if you want to

talk to them directly, then we have given the details of their shop at the bottom where we have provided the address

location everything. How did you like this post and how did you like the information of this post, do tell us by

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ADDRESS F-1 1st Floor LSC New Rajdhani Enclave DDA Market Preet Vihar Delhi -110092 Near Preet Vihar Metro Station

CONTACT 971 727 6784 , 9667673515

LOCATION MAP,77.2957683&z=17&hl=en




Today we will talk about LET’S TALK shop, let’s talk is known for their lowest price second hand phone sale, here

you will get all premium range second hand phones at a very good discount from the rest of the shop which is named

as super deal.Here you can find great deals on all types of smartphones from latest to latest mobile Iphone Samsung

Lenovo Oneplus. Lets Talk has a shop in Subhash Nagar in Delhi.

Here along with the old phone, if your phone gets damaged, breaks or becomes dead due to any reason, then you can

get it fixed from here as well, this facility is also available here if you live outside Delhi, and if you like any phone

you can take a screenshot of the video and message them on WhatsApp or on their Instagram ID and by calling the

calling number, you can also do something about that phone and book that phone but let me tell you the post here

Cash on Delivery facility is not available as of this writing, as of now only prepaid orders are accepted here.

If you live in the vicinity of Delhi, then near by metro station Subhash Nagar which falls in blue line, from where the

walking distance is 200 meters, if you want similar information, then you can go to YouTube and subscribe to our

channel and also follow Instagram and for complete information about let’s talk go to the bottom of the post shop

detail for shop office and if any one of you have your suggestion don’t forget to comment

see you with new information in next post thank you.

Shop Name- Let’s talk Address

Shop No- 52 Near Raj Bakery, delhi- 110018

Type lets talk on google and you’ll get the location 🙂

Near Tagore Garden Extension

Contact no- 8920683281 , 7048940669 ,9999859401, 8529366145, 9717793133

insta for regular update


Hello friends, in this post we are going to tell you about Om Ji Mobile, you will get second hand phones at cheap

price at Om Ji Mobile Shop. In this you will get all types of smartphones that too in very good condition. All these

phones are second hand, used phones, that too with warranty. But some phones are out of warranty.If you want to

get a good smartphone in low budget then you are able to buy from the shop. Here will get all types of smartphones like

android, apple phones like one plus, Samsung, mi, Oppo, iPhone etc.


Phones from minimum budget 6000 to maximum 100000 will be available here all the time, apart from this, if you

want to know the updates of their stock, what are the stocks they have in the current, then you can subscribe to the

channel to learn everything on YouTube. Follow the Instagram ID to learn everything, so that if you want any future

updates related to these, then it will continue to be found there.

Phones from minimum budget 2000 to maximum 100000 will be available here all the time, apart from this, if you

want to know the updates of their stock, what are the stocks they have in the current, then you can subscribe to the

channel to learn everything on YouTube. Follow the Instagram ID to learn everything, so that if you want any future

updates related to these you can find them easily. Now let us tell you how many years Om Ji Mobiles has been in this

work till the time of writing this post, Om Ji Mobile has been in this work for almost 5 years, here you get all the

brands of mobiles as well as accessories. Inside Smart Watch Tablet iPad Air Phone Hands Free Home Theater etc.

whats is open box mobile

which belong to open box category.Their guarantee warranty comes from the whole company, which is a good thing

if someone buys a product of Openbox, then he gets a cheap one, he has good condition and he is not afraid of

whether the product is bad or not, because if later on If there is any problem with the product, then you get warranty

from the company.Here you will get 8 to 10 people in the staff, from whom you can get information about wholesale

or retail and buy your product and get it billed, here you get Om Enterprise GST on a fixed bill. People from all over

India come to buy products on Om Mobile, some people buy one or two products, some people buy 100 200 300

products together for their shop, in which they also get extra discount.Some people do not know what is open box, so

today we tell you and what is open box product. Suppose you ordered a product online and its replacement warranty

is 7 days or 15 days, if you do not like the product then you can refund it and get full money back.

Credit YouTube channel sab sikhe jane


And you returned that product in 3 days, now that product will go back to the company but the company does not

sell it again because that product has been opened and turned on, due to which its warranty has started but that

product is still If it is new, then many such products are collected with the company which it fails these sellers.And

then after this product comes in the market, you get it at a cheap price and for how it can reach you people, its

advertisement is regular on the YouTube channel, so that from time to time you will get what product at the shop.

Available information can be found So much in the post, if you have any suggestion in the post, then comment and

subscribe to everyone’s channel by going to YouTube and if you want to buy anything from here, then at the bottom

you have been given the name of the shop, the address phone number, you are there. Thank you for all the details



Om Mobiles Address- Deepali chowk near vijay sales ( LG showroom. ke sath bacement me ) Sector 3, Rohini, Delhi

6230810270 Ankit jain 6230820270 Accounts’s 6230830270

Wholesalers 6230840270 Accessories 6230850270 , 9350009698



How are you guys, in today’s post, we are going to tell you about its communication, here we will give you a second

hand phone in which you will also get some phones which will be under warranty from the company and also some

phones which are outdated but It’s Your Choice Which Product Do You Like . And buy from here, the special thing

about such communication is that if you buy a mobile that is more than 1 year old from here, whose warranty is not

available from the company, its warranty is also given for 15 days on your behalf and on some mobiles one give



The reason for this is that things above 10000, which become a very expensive product, have more chances of getting

fake orders in cash on delivery due to which there are more chances of breaking the missing in their product, so they

have bought any product above 10000. If someone wants to order all over India sitting at home, then they have to

pay first.Even after this, if someone wants to take a phone above 10000 and after making the payment first, he feels

whether he will get the phone or not, then he can also come to the shop and see the phone and buy his phone by

paying money. can buy phone

Now we tell you about S.K communication, their shop is about 2 years old and they have phones of every company

such as iPhone Samsung Mi Real Me Oppo Vivo ETC. We tell you that what else they get apart from mobile, if you

want anything other than mobile like watch tablet tab airpod, you will get all company here.Phones from minimum

budget 2000 to maximum 100000 will be available here all the time, apart from this, if you want to know the

updates of their stock, what are the stocks they have in the current, then you can subscribe to the channel to learn

everything on YouTube. Follow the Instagram ID to learn everything, so that if you want any future updates related

to these, then it will continue to be found there.We have given their full address below and how they have stock in an

example video, we have given it in the middle of the paragraph, you can also see that video, what kind of products are

there and you can see the full address below. Where we have known their name, address and near by metro station,

how did you like this blog or how did you like this post, you can give us your opinion in the comment below, thank

you for reading this post.



Shop Address :- 34 block 368 house number Trilokpuri, Delhi- 110091 Nearest Metro Station- Mayur Vihar Phase 1, Pocket 1

Address link :-


WhatsApp numbers- 8130234989, 9897287045, 8826119970, 9971516549, 9311643052, 7042683180, 9582315583


MOBILE HUT deal in used iphone and samsung delhi | Subhash Nagar | sab sikhe jane


Welcome to all of you in the phone (mobile hut ) , here is the shop owner name mr. Rahul, here you get the latest cheap iPhone and Samsung mobiles. Apart from this, there is no deal in any other company’s mobile here if you are Samsung’s iPhone lover. You have come to the right place, here you get old phones in new condition, which you have to pay very little, here you get from iPhone to the latest model to iPhone 5s, similarly here Samsung’s S Series Note Series M Series A Series All types of phones are available.

sab sikhe jane mobile hut second mobile deal subhash nagar delhi


Also, you get here in such series like iWatch iPad I Watch Air Bed Samsung Tab Samsung Board etc. If you have to take any phone from here, then you have been given the name number address at the bottom, you call there. Text can go to the shop and if you want to order from home, you can talk by calling and make your payment on video call, if the delivery order is not available.

So you have to visit the Subhash Nagar Shop, we have given the full address in the post below. In this post, at the same time, I tell you that till now you have not subscribed to our YouTube channel to learn everything, so subscribe now Do it so that you can get information of similar and new market, thanks for reading the post.

sab sikhe jane

Shop Name: mobile hut

Address = shop number 61 main market subhash Nagar 110027

Calling no. – mobile hut Whatsapp Call and msg No.-9999841716

Timing 11am-8pm

near metro sation

subhash nagar blue line


If you want to buy an old car, then you are in the right place, yes, you will get the luxury car here at a very low price and if you are from Delhi, then you are provided a loan from Delhi too. If your profile is good outside, then you can get a car by getting your personal loan done, and after getting everything done by NOC, you get a car from other wise you are not given a car and the very best thing is here that you Low budget cars to luxury cars are available there.

Which is at a very low price, when you seat at the Paschim Vihar branch, you will get 50 cars available at one time here whenever you visit and here you will find Vijay Bhaiya who gives you all the information about the vehicles here. But you will get to see BMW Mercedes Audi Swift Wagon R sports car Scorpio every kind of vehicle but most of the deals here are only in luxury cars and an offer here also goes if you are getting a luxury car. And after running for 1 year, your mind is full, then you can return that car and take it to another car instead, whatever money you are down or down will be taken at the same time because they have their own car, so without thinking it Understand that you will take that car back from you. Rest if you want to know their full address and contact details, then at the bottom of this block you will see that you have been given complete details, contact numbers have been given there, you can call there and I will say before making any deal.

You visit there, use your intelligence, use your size, and if you can do a deal only after talking, then you can take your engineer with you, so that you will get the knowledge of the whole car, what is that car and how is it and in what condition? If you can not come out somewhere and you like the car, then do the whole deal only by making a video call
If someone else has got your number and frauds with you, then if you like the block to stay away from these things, then you can subscribe by going to our channel YouTube best and you can see similar things there If you can find this blog then thank you for reading the blog Jai Hind.


Contact no :- 8510830242 8595844904

Address :- Gourmet Hub, Block BG2, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi


Today I am going to take you to the shop of old mobiles, which is read in the name of cellway in rohini, here you get the degree of old mobile and open box. It happens that people have a trust that yes my money will not drown and after getting the phone I have to pay all the things you have to book by visiting the website


The full address has been given and the address has been given and the website looks at the website and from there, the heart gets here, here you get Apple Samsung Oppo Vivo Sony LG mobile in every way and special thing, some mobiles sometimes come like this That the first time you put the sim will activate and get a full year warranty

These things can be done only and on only one channel, which has been learned, you have not subscribed to YouTube channel yet, type it all and to get all the details, at the bottom you can see in the shop address detail in this blog. Thanks a lot for reading the blog



Cellway Gadgets
address E- 1/2 sector 7 rohini delhi

map location

app for order mobile




Muscle Planet nutrition UPTO 50% Off cheap price supplements from brands like Optimum Nutrition, WOW, MuscleBlaze

Hello friends, today I am going to take you to such a shop in Chandni Chowk where you get supplemental protein fat burner means every product related to your body is found here, but I tell you the special thing about this shop. But at the wholesale price, if you take things from here in wholesale, you mean in quantity, then you are half the price.

Meaning you will get up to 50% off, but even if you take a single print, you will get it at a lower price than the market here, but the wholesale and retail prices are going to be different. Is something available here that I showed you in the video You can also go to the video and see what is the address of the shop, I will give the last in this post.

So, let me tell you the special thing about the shop, it is the famous market of Delhi, Chandni Chowk, which has been going on since old times, now there is a lot of supplements here, but for this, let me tell you that there are 20 here If you feel that you are not doing the work of the day or it is fake, then after 20 days, you go away.

You are the owner of the shop here, you can also listen in the video, if there is so much, then you can believe that the product is original and also provide this bill.

GST is sure to do everything else, it is very easy to come here. The metro station is also a red fort, it is also here and the moon and I have once again checked the entire address in the description below and if anything is not done, then contact the number You can call before you pay.

Once I always tell in the video that you must take care of that video call so that you can make sure that the person you are paying is at the shop, you pay the right place, any kind of supplement or Then where is the energy booster, where is the body building related to the gym, if you need any information, then you keep on running, thanks for reading this post.


shop address

Muscle Planet nutrition
built up shop on ground floor bearing mpl no. 1897 situated at Chandni chowk delhi – 110006

contact no. 8700505820 ,9999349923 , 9999786785

near metro station Chandni chowk


HS TELECOM Friends, today I am going to take you to a shop where you get old phones, here you also get 1 day old phone and there are some phones which are just and only openbox category, it means that The phone has never been used, just the time you will use it, but due to that openbox, you will get the second hand price instead of the price of the new one.

If you give this shop, then let us tell you today about this hobby, the name of the shop is HS Telecom, which falls in the full address in Rohini’s Sector 3, so I will come and tell you that you second You can get your handsets as well as you can sell your mobiles here, if you have an old phone, then you can sell it and take money or you can take another phone in exchange for it as well. But delivery within All Over India is also given.

Meaning if you like a phone from Agra via video sitting at home, then you can call the video call and ask for your phone by making payment and if the option of cash on delivery is available then you can ask for casan delivery and if the option of prepaid is on So you can ask for prepaid but I would request you to make a video call before making a payment so that you can make sure that the one you are paying is the same person whose video we have seen.

So here you will get the phone of which type of variety, let me tell you, here you have iPhone Samsung Oppo Vivo 1 Plus Real Me Nokia LG, even all the mobile companies make this deal in everyone, if you come here If you want, I have given the address of the shop below, you can give the full address there, if you like our post, then comment and tell us to subscribe to our channel, thank you


Shop Name:

Shop no. 117 vikas Surya mall Rohini sector 3 Delhi
Near m2k cinema hall Rohini

Contact no. 7703884813

near metro station rohini east

monday shop close ( payment video call karke hi karna )