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Cheapest Ac, Cooler & Refrigerator wholesale market in Delhi

Hello Guys!!

As you all know that Summer season have arrived and to cool ourselves we need Ac, Cooler and fridge in our house. These three items are like basic in summer season ”Garmiyon Ka Tohfa”

So today I will talk about these three things- Ac, Cooler and Fridge. A wholesale market deals in all these products at a cheap price. They sell Air conditioners, Fridge, Cooler, washing machine,Led etc but today I will talk about only Ac, Fridge and Cooler.

The shop resides in Delhi – wholesale market price. You can buy these items on 50% Off on Mrp. The reason they purchase on half price is that product have some minor physical damage like- dent and scratch. The shop also provide 1 year warranty of the product.

It deals in wholesale products so if you need single piece then you have to buy from the shop itself, there will be no home delivery of the product. Home delivery is done only on buying minimum 50 piece item, said by the shop owner, Mohd. Yusuf


Let’s look at the product in detail-

Refrigerator (Fridge)
  • Samsung Double Door- 1 year warranty- 55,000 rupees (after discount)
  • Triple Door fridge- Samsung brand, 60,000 rupees
  • Samsung Double door – Touch screen- 50,000 rupees
  • Outdoor facility (Double door)- 55,000 rupees
  • Low budget cooler- Kenstar company , remote operated, touch display at 7000 rupees
  • Kenstar- 80 litre at 8000 rupees
  • Manual cooler- 12 litre, 6,500 rupees
  • Commercial cooler- 1000 litre at 8000 rupees
  • Orient- 60 litre at 6,500 rupees
  • Smallest cooler (USB charge)- 2200 rupees
Air conditioner
  • 3 Star- 1.5 ton
  • Uneiric- 5 year warranty- 2200

If you are looking to purchase these items visit the shop and choose your favorite product at the best price.


To know more, click on the link and watch video





shop address

house no. 12A/107C
Jamalu ka bagh, maujpur near crescent school

near metro station :- jaffrabad , metro piller no. 198
mobile no. 9654740978

















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Shop address -house no. 12A/107C Jamalu ka bagh, maujpur

Near Crescent school

Near Metro station :- Jaffrabad , Metro Piller no. 198

Mobile no. 9654740978




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