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Hello friends, today I am going to take you to such a shop in Chandni Chowk where you get supplemental protein fat burner means every product related to your body is found here, but I tell you the special thing about this shop. But at the wholesale price, if you take things from here in wholesale, you mean in quantity, then you are half the price.

Meaning you will get up to 50% off, but even if you take a single print, you will get it at a lower price than the market here, but the wholesale and retail prices are going to be different. Is something available here that I showed you in the video You can also go to the video and see what is the address of the shop, I will give the last in this post.

So, let me tell you the special thing about the shop, it is the famous market of Delhi, Chandni Chowk, which has been going on since old times, now there is a lot of supplements here, but for this, let me tell you that there are 20 here If you feel that you are not doing the work of the day or it is fake, then after 20 days, you go away.

You are the owner of the shop here, you can also listen in the video, if there is so much, then you can believe that the product is original and also provide this bill.

GST is sure to do everything else, it is very easy to come here. The metro station is also a red fort, it is also here and the moon and I have once again checked the entire address in the description below and if anything is not done, then contact the number You can call before you pay.

Once I always tell in the video that you must take care of that video call so that you can make sure that the person you are paying is at the shop, you pay the right place, any kind of supplement or Then where is the energy booster, where is the body building related to the gym, if you need any information, then you keep on running, thanks for reading this post.


shop address

Muscle Planet nutrition
built up shop on ground floor bearing mpl no. 1897 situated at Chandni chowk delhi – 110006

contact no. 8700505820 ,9999349923 , 9999786785

near metro station Chandni chowk


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