How are you guys, in today’s post, we are going to tell you about its communication, here we will give you a second

hand phone in which you will also get some phones which will be under warranty from the company and also some

phones which are outdated but It’s Your Choice Which Product Do You Like . And buy from here, the special thing

about such communication is that if you buy a mobile that is more than 1 year old from here, whose warranty is not

available from the company, its warranty is also given for 15 days on your behalf and on some mobiles one give



The reason for this is that things above 10000, which become a very expensive product, have more chances of getting

fake orders in cash on delivery due to which there are more chances of breaking the missing in their product, so they

have bought any product above 10000. If someone wants to order all over India sitting at home, then they have to

pay first.Even after this, if someone wants to take a phone above 10000 and after making the payment first, he feels

whether he will get the phone or not, then he can also come to the shop and see the phone and buy his phone by

paying money. can buy phone

Now we tell you about S.K communication, their shop is about 2 years old and they have phones of every company

such as iPhone Samsung Mi Real Me Oppo Vivo ETC. We tell you that what else they get apart from mobile, if you

want anything other than mobile like watch tablet tab airpod, you will get all company here.Phones from minimum

budget 2000 to maximum 100000 will be available here all the time, apart from this, if you want to know the

updates of their stock, what are the stocks they have in the current, then you can subscribe to the channel to learn

everything on YouTube. Follow the Instagram ID to learn everything, so that if you want any future updates related

to these, then it will continue to be found there.We have given their full address below and how they have stock in an

example video, we have given it in the middle of the paragraph, you can also see that video, what kind of products are

there and you can see the full address below. Where we have known their name, address and near by metro station,

how did you like this blog or how did you like this post, you can give us your opinion in the comment below, thank

you for reading this post.



Shop Address :- 34 block 368 house number Trilokpuri, Delhi- 110091 Nearest Metro Station- Mayur Vihar Phase 1, Pocket 1

Address link :-


WhatsApp numbers- 8130234989, 9897287045, 8826119970, 9971516549, 9311643052, 7042683180, 9582315583



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