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If you want to take laptop and your budget is less then you are the right place here you get old laptop at cheap price

which can fulfill your dream of running a laptop or you have any requirement, it can be fulfilled like office Work,

gaming work or study, you can do it comfortably, today I am going to tell you so many laptops here, Samsung

, Lenovo, Sony, even Apple Macbook, everything here you can order from all over India sitting at home.Here you get

laptops up to ₹ 6000 and maximum 40 50,000 when the price is minimum, inside this you will find refurbished

laptops, used laptops and modified laptops, if you want, you can also order a single laptop from here at home, whose

payment you laptop home But after ordering, you can give it means that you can also order cash on delivery from

here and if you want, you can also get prepaid delivery order, your courier charge is not charged by getting prepaid

delivery.Whereas in cash on delivery, your courier charge seems like this and delivery is also a bit loose. Now let’s

talk about what to do if there is any problem on taking an old laptop, because everyone has this doubt that if we take

an old laptop, then if there is any defect in it, then our money will not be wasted, then let us tell you If you buy any

laptop from here, then you get at least 1 month warranty.

By which you can check well if there is any problem or problem in your laptop then you can get that laptop replaced

now let me tell you if you want to come here then it is at walking distance near Preet Vihar metro station inside Delhi

It has to work here on Sunday and if you want to take I 7 any laptop then you will get it here.Calling has also been

given so that you will be able to know what type of laptops are here and what is their condition and if you want to

talk to them directly, then we have given the details of their shop at the bottom where we have provided the address

location everything. How did you like this post and how did you like the information of this post, do tell us by

commenting and want to know by doing more similar information, you search on YouTube to learn everything and

subscribe.There you will get many types of videos, which will benefit you a lot and you will be able to do your

business. Thank you for reading the post.





ADDRESS F-1 1st Floor LSC New Rajdhani Enclave DDA Market Preet Vihar Delhi -110092 Near Preet Vihar Metro Station

CONTACT 971 727 6784 , 9667673515

LOCATION MAP,77.2957683&z=17&hl=en



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