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So before starting today’s new post, let me tell you the stock, what is going to stop, what will we cover today, what will be the iPad, after that

it will come to the iPhone and how many Samsung mobiles you will get here with with box and without box are also So we are telling you

here that most deals are done inside iPhone and their shop name as you know AS Mobiles it is basically known for old phones and they have

only prepaid and only delivery. is if you want to go near them then near metro station is blue line metro station inside tilak nagar delhi And

they also have special deals from time to time in which you get a discount of 5000 to 10000 from the normal price but in these you have to

compromise with the condition. They also have the latest models from the small models of the iPhone and they also have iPads available in

addition to the iPhone, which is from the first generation to the latest generation. Now when it comes to 1 plus lover, it is not such a good

news for 1 plus lover because they rarely come to OnePlus phones, they do most of the deal only in iPhone and Samsung, yes there is good

news for Samsung people that Samsung Most of the premium range is easily available with them which is very good price, you will go to get

new phone, you can get that phone here for half the price but it will be old but condition will be like new. We will say this before taking a

phone, see and understand and take your own decision, we are only giving you information. If you have any doubt, then you can watch more

of their videos by visiting the YouTube channel and read their reviews in the comments, so that you will get an idea of ​​how their service is

and how their phones are and if you are like this. If you want to get updates from mobile, then subscribe to the most known channel on

YouTube and if you want to buy mobile from AS Mobile you have been given shop details at the bottom of the post, there their name number

address has been given. From there you can call your phone and order it THANK YOU.




Shop Name A.S. Mobiles

Near Tilak Nagar metro station new delhi walking distance

Calling number 85956 69054 … 9971870509

Timimng 11am to 9 pm



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